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Venus (Ve) Davis is the vivacious and passionate founder of The Strong Academy, an intensive coaching and training program devoted to facilitating transformative fitness for professionals and committed individuals. As a Collegiate Athletic Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Coach and USA Weightlifting Coach, Ve has over 10 years of experience in fitness and wellness. Living in the Washington D.C. metro area since 2009 by way of her strong roots as a native New Yorker, Ve has always sought to stay at the top of her game. Her professional life began in the military as a member of the US Air Force.  She eventually transitioned into the fast-paced, seldom-stagnant world of corporate America in the Big Apple, all while balancing school and raising her son as a single mother. Never deterred, the vibrant thrill-seeker began to self-evaluate how much she was prioritizing her own mental and physical health while acting as Superwoman and catering to a demanding schedule. She soon had to make a conscious decision: whittle away through an exhausting routine of work, academics, and parenting or shift some of her personal wellness and fitness goals. She decided to turn things around for the sake of her well-being. 


With an immense passion for health and fitness, Ve applied her knowledge and military training techniques to her everyday life, eventually tapping into a full, holistic approach and appreciation for all aspects of her life. It was through this total pivot that Ve’s passion, drive, and personal journey became tools to build The Strong Academy, an immersive experience and growing community for people to overcome their own wellness and fitness imbalances, all in hopes of becoming a better version of themselves on their own terms. 


Ve’s wisdom and hope for members of The Strong Academy is simple: 


“Be Well. Stay Committed. Train for Life.”

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